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CEREC® Dentistry

CEREC® Same-Day Crowns provided at Albany Dental Care

In the past, restoring a tooth with a crown dental crown was a drawn-out process during which patients had to deal with messy impressions and temporary crowns. But with CEREC® same-day crowns in Albany, our patients no longer need to worry about these hassles. At Albany Dental Care, we utilize advanced technology to improve the patient experience and the long-term health of your smile. 

The Science behind CEREC®

Formally known as the Chair-side Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, CEREC® crowns are created using computer-assisted design and manufacturing software. This innovation in modern dentistry allows our Albany dentist to take digital impressions of patients’ smiles, design restorations, and manufacture crowns in-office during one appointment, eliminating the need for extra dental visits. 

Same-Day Restorations in Albany

The process of receiving CEREC® crowns begins with digital impressions. Using a specialized Omnicam, Dr. Matthew McCrady takes photos of your dentition, which are instantly uploaded to our computer. Patients can watch in real time as the structure of their mouth and jaw is recreated as a 3D model on-screen. Dr. McCrady then uses innovative CEREC® software to design a customized crown that will fit precisely on their tooth or dental implant post.   

Once the crown has been designed, data is then sent to the in-office milling machine where the restoration is manufactured out of a block of porcelain. As the crown is being milled, your natural tooth is prepped. Once the crown is completed, it is placed on your tooth. Patients are free to return to their normal routine. 

The Benefits of CEREC®

Being able to receive a comprehensive restoration in just one appointment offers convenience not available with traditionally-made crowns. By prepping teeth and placing crowns in one appointment, patients do not need to worry about temporary crowns potentially damaging teeth or compromising their oral health. The precision of CEREC® software ensures that patients receive a highly durable crown that protects vulnerable natural teeth from decay and damage.

CEREC® same day crowns are also available for patients seeking restorations following tooth loss or extraction with dental implants. Eligible patients can have their implant placed while waiting for their CEREC® crown to be milled, shortening a potentially months-long procedure into just one visit to the dentist. 

CEREC® at Albany Dental Care

If you are weighing your restorative treatment options, consider the long-term benefits and convenience offered by CEREC® same- day crowns. Through this innovative procedure, patients can immediately enjoy a completed smile and improved oral health. For more information about this unique restorative treatment, contact our Albany dental office today