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Root Canal Therapy

We offer Root Canal Therapy and Endodontic Care at Albany Dental Care

For many patients, undergoing a root canal may be an overwhelming prospect. However, this procedure is often the best option many patients have for saving a severely infected tooth from extraction. At Albany Dental Care, Dr. Matthew McCrady helps patients address this serious dental condition by offering root canal therapy. 

When Would I Need A Root Canal?

This endodontic procedure is often recommended as treatment for infected or abscessed teeth. This often occurs when a cavity is left untreated, allowing the infection to spread to the tip of the tooth’s root. Once there, the bacteria multiplies and overwhelms the body’s natural defenses, causing the accumulation of bacteria, dead white blood cells, and decayed tissue.

Cavities are not the exclusive cause of tooth infection. Some patients may find themselves facing an abscessed tooth as a result of periodontal disease, dental trauma, or even a failed root canal. 

What are the Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth?

Similar to other dental conditions, patients may not be aware that they are showing signs of a serious dental issue. Often, the initial symptom of a toothache is disregarded as a discomfort that will eventually take care of itself. 

Other symptoms of an abscessed tooth may include:

  • Sharp, shooting or continuously throbbing pain at the site of the infection
  • Pain when chewing
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath
  • The appearance of a pimple or white spot on the gums above the infected tooth
  • Redness or swelling of the gums

How Does a Root Canal Treat an Abscessed Tooth?

Root canal therapy is recommended as a comprehensive solution for abscessed teeth. While the root canal therapy may sound intimidating, this treatment is actually much less painful than the condition itself.

When performing this endodontic treatment, Albany dentist Dr. McCrady first creates a small hole into the infected tooth. Using a specialized WaterLase dental laser, the bacteria and decayed tissue are removed and the inner cavities, also known as root canals, are thoroughly cleaned. By cauterizing healthy tissue while removing the decayed tissue, the WaterLase helps accelerate and ensure a successful recovery. 

After sealing the canals and access hole with a temporary filling, patients undergo a recovery period to ensure proper healing. Following their recovery period, patients return to our Albany dental office to receive their final restoration. While our Albany dentist strives to ensure conservative care, some patients may require more comprehensive restorations in order to restore complete dental function. Dr. McCrady offers amalgam free fillings, same-day porcelain crowns as well as dental implants to reinforce or replace more compromised teeth. 

Root Canal Therapy in Albany, Indiana

At the dental office of Dr. Matthew McCrady, our mission is to provide patients with the care they need to overcome extensive dental decay and restore their oral health. For more information about treating abscessed teeth, contact our Albany dental office today.